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Changing Stages

The Birth Of The Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles

Diving into the unknown possibilities of change is risky business. Yet, many people do it every day hoping to transform their dreams into reality. Perhaps you, too, may have been thinking about ways to change a small habit to make a big impact in your life. Or maybe you are thinking of different ways to change the world. I know I have.

Month’s back I discovered that many young girls were looking for the next big adventure in their lives; something that would help them transition from one stage of their lives to the next. After many years as a creator in the Quinceañera market, as a magazine editor and radio and fashion show host, I decided to challenge myself and create that stage for them... literally. That is how the concept of the Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles Pageant & Youth Empowerment Program was born.

Inspired by young girls looking to become part of something spectacular, our pageant program would serve as a launching platform for girls looking to connect, learn new things, and grow.

Around that same time a group of nine courageous young girls challenged themselves as well, and signed up to what is now the first-ever Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles pageant. (Side note: Adileny, Alexis, Allyson, Arlette, Chelsea, Debora, Eileen, Gnesis and Jessica... thank you for being part of this historic journey!).

It was at that time that my program was no longer my own but, rather, that of the community. Myself, along with our pageant partners and sponsors, rallied to support this concept of an experience that would transform the lives of this group of young ladies.

It was an honor to see how our pageant delegates grew throughout the pageant training. Their confidence and public speaking skills improved tremendously. But most importantly, they succeeded in testing and overcoming their fears.

That was back in 2015.

But the magic of our pageant program, and of the community that rallied around it, still lives on today.

I invite you to be inspired by the Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles program to challenge yourself to bring your own dreams to realization, too. Use it as a reminder that you are never too young, or too old, to create your own path.

From someone who a few years ago could not get the idea of a pageant for Quinceañeras out of her head, and who is now humbled by the beautiful experience that the dream has become: You owe it to yourself to try.

If you find your own stage—better yet, if you create it and use it to help others, I promise you, from personal experience, that you will tap into a world of unlimited potential that was waiting to be activated by YOU.

Thank you sincerely for being part of this journey. I can’t wait to be part of yours.

Long live the Quinceañera!


Hilda-Gabriela Hernandez
Founder & Director, Miss Quinceañera Los Angeles 

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