Party Planning

Hilda Gabriela

My Approach

The first party I ever planned was my Quinceañera. True story. I shared my Quince with my sister, who was celebrating her Sweet 16. My parents allowed us to choose every single detail of the party.

Together, my sister and I researched vendors, setup appointments, and finalized all the details for the venue, invitations, cake, decorations, and music. We even designed our own dresses! Although to us the details were very important, our main goal was for all of our guests to have a wonderful time.

Since then, my approach to party planning has been the same: to make the celebration a memorable experience. It's great to have all the details squared out, of course. But at the end of the night, what matters most is how you and your guests feel during your celebration. There, I believe, lies the true magic of party planning.

Your Vision

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Next Step...

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